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Trauma-Directed Interaction (TDI)TM

My co-developer, Robin Gurwitch, Ph.D., and I are proud of our collaboration with various agencies across the United States and New South Wales (Australia) to pilot our adaptation of PCIT to address intergenerational trauma. We welcome walking the path with these researchers, program evaluators, and clinicians who are contributing to TDI research and development efforts. Previous research shows PCIT is effective with children who have experienced trauma. However, field experience, advocates, and community members are pressing for PCIT to develop a more trauma attuned lens. A 2020 survey of PCIT International Certified providers indicated almost 80% of respondents favored an additional trauma module for PCIT is necessary to various degrees. Also, a majority of PCIT providers said they would use a trauma module for PCIT if it existed.

We agree. 

And so we introduce you to Trauma-Directed Interaction (TDI)TM, which:

  • Maintains fidelity to the PCIT model

  • Maintains the theory of PCIT

  • Is positioned between the foundational phases of PCIT

TDI includes components similar to other phases of PCIT, including:

  • TDI Teach Session

  • Skills Homework

  • Coaching Supports

  • Anchored by 4 Sessions (rather than Goal Criteria)

Are you interested in learning more about TDI? Contact Us!

Click here for an informational handout regarding TDI.

Are you looking for a TDI Rostered ProviderTM?

Coming Soon(!): A list of mental health professionals, both nationally and internationally, who have been trained directly by a developer in Trauma-Directed Interaction (TDI)TM, an adaptation to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). All TDI Rostered ProvidersTM minimally have a Master's degree in a mental health field and have completed specialized training, including TDI case experience while under consultation with a TDI developer. 

Want publications on TDI? 

Check out our publications page.

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