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TDI Publications

Research & Development

Together, with families, in-the-field providers, and applied researchers, we are building the evidence base for Trauma-Directed Interaction (TDI)TM. While we use knowledge from data to improve TDI with science, we also integrate lessons from lived experiences to better support providers and serve families. It is all part of doing good and doing it well. The published works below represent what we know so far.


We look forwarding to discovering more together.

Scholarly & Research Publications

2022 May

Conceptual Article

Gurwitch, R. H., & Warner-Metzger. C. M. (2022). Trauma-Directed Interaction (TDI): An adaptation to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for families with a history of trauma. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (10), 6089.

2022 October

Case Study

Warren, J. M., Hanstock, Tanya. L., Hunt, S. A., Halpin, S. A., Warner-Metzger, C. M., & Gurwitch, R. (2022). Utilizing Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Trauma-Directed Interaction in a young male in out of home care who had experienced trauma. Clinical Case Studies, 22 (3), 240–266. 

2024 April

Australia Pilot Study

Warren, J., Hanstock, T., Hunt, S., Halpin, S., Warner-Metzger, C. M., & Gurwitch, R. H. (2024). A naturalistic evaluation of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and PCIT with Trauma-Directed Interaction (PCIT with TDI) in Australian children exposed to abuse and neglect. Child Protection and Practice, 2, 100028.

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